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When Life Hands You Magic

Throughout the spring, I’d walk my sweet pup in the forest and marvel at these beautiful purple

flowers shining so brightly against the dense greenery. Every time I saw them, it felt like magic. I'm pretty sure they are I'm not sure what it was about them, but every time I saw a cluster of them I'd be filled with awe.

So often, I’d stop to take a photo so I could capture and share just how beautiful they were. Yet, with every photo I took, I’d look back at it and feel emptiness. No matter what filter, angle, lighting...I simply didn’t feel that the picture was capturing the wonder I was filled with in these moments.

Have you ever had an experience and struggled to put it into words? Have you ever experienced something and noticed that every time you shared it, people didn’t quite feel the same level of magic, enthusiasm or wonder that you did and feel like it sucked a little bit of magic out of it?

As someone who loves to share, I’ve been there often. Yes, these moments can be more magical, wonderful and beautiful when they are shared.


There is a deep magic and reverence in holding some moments just for yourself. In allowing yourself to grasp hold of these moments, these experiences, words, imagines...allow them to nestle up in your heart and hold them for yourself. Our experiences are vast, and sometimes a photo, or words simply can’t capture it fully.

And that’s just the thing. Magic can be magic when shared.


You are allowed to hold magic for yourself too. ✨

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